Dream Team Member Profile : Welky Arius

Welky Arius

To know me we need to start with my community. Destra lies at the outskirts of the city next to the water. Since we are so far from town we support ourselves by growing our food and fishing.

Watching someone work the land is a joy to behold. I'm come from a farming family and working the land runs in my blood. Seeing how hard work and sweat can turn barren land to food for your family inspires me.

Apart from farming and fishing people in the area support themselves by being merchants.Even those selling the goods are intially supported by the farmers and fisherman who start the train of commerce.

Just like the community starts with the initial workers my identity starts with my Aunt(Matante) She gives me a place to live and feeds me she, she is like the farmer who cares for their plants

She as well as GOALS have placed in me a deep love for my community. I cherish its beauty and took this picture to comemorate a personal project I undertook to clean up the area.

Even as we work so hard to improve our community I feel like a person, high up in a tree, who even at the point of reaching the fruit could always fall to failure. Even so I know that I must try to reach for better things or else change will never come.


About threeartists

We are just three people trying to share our vision of the world.

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