Dream Team Member Profile: Rommald Norberday Enock Barthelemy

Nom: Rommald Norberday Enock Barthelemy

Age: 18 ans

Grade: 2nd year Secondary School

My name is Barthelemy Rommald Norberday Enock but I go by the nickname Norken. Since the earthquake I have defined myself a lot by my surroundings. I have lived in this house for almost a year and a half now. While I appreciate the efforts to get us housing I hope one day to be able to provide more for my family.

I have had to take over many aspects of my care that normally would not fall to me. My mother has to work outside the house so I do everything from cook and iron, to wash clothes and clean for our family.

For me school is the most important thing in life so I had to highlight my school. Without school you can never be something serious in Haiti or society in general. I took this photo on the day when I was going to take the state tests. It’s an honor for me because this test will open doors for me that I wasn’t sure would ever be open for me. Even though I am not sure I will be able to finish school, because of financial difficulties I have an opportunity many do not receive and for that I am grateful. I truly believe that to achieve GOALS mission of change in my community education is necessary and I am sure that GOALS will find a way to support us in that effort.

After the earthquake I had lost my way. I still do not have the personal drive that I once had. It’s hard because sometimes I think what will it all matter if in the next instant my life is wiped from existence. Still GOALS and the community it has given me is a blessing. Being part of something greater than myself has restored some of my love for life.

I am truly grateful not for the equipment that GOALS provides. While I would love for some replacements when the gear grows old I feel a sense of pride whenever I put on the uniform. I have pride in myself every time I see the team assembled. Sometimes when I close my eyes I can even see us as having been selected for the national team (or maybe even the Italian national team since we share the colors.)

Apart from soccer and my family I LOVE art. Drawing takes me to a different place. I like to practice whenever I find some fee time and tools. While I don’t have a barbershop I like to use my skills with art to help the community. I provide haircuts to my neighbors for free. Maybe one day I will own a barbershop and make money but for now I’m content with making sure my neighbors look good when they go out into the world and that my teammates look fresh before a game.


About threeartists

We are just three people trying to share our vision of the world.

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