Dream Team Member Profile: Kervens Seraphin

Kervans Seraphin

Name : Kervens Seraphin

Age : 17 ans

Zon: Kafu Kwa

My name is Kervens Seraphin, but I go by the name of Ziggy in my community. The first picture in my project is a self-portrait. I took it to showcase the person I have become. I like the music and swagger of American artists like Chris Brown and Nelly and wanted to show my laid back personality and sense of style in this picture.

Outside of my personality I thought it important to showcase my artistic side. I took this picture after seeing the Art Piece being sold. The picture itself is typical of Haitian art and highlights some of my favorite fruits. I appreciate how an artist in capturing these simple fruits can bring joy to our lives. One day I hope to myself become strong in painting using traditional Haitian methods. I took a picture of this art piece in particular because it speaks to how my community lives. We support ourselves mainly through what we can get from Mother Nature because there are few paying jobs available. The fruit of the earth is the foundation on which we build our lives.


My cousin here is playing the piano. We share a heart in that we both love art and would like to become artists. He is currently trying to teach my how to play but I am a difficult student to teach. I love watching others who are willing to fight for their dreams. This picture reminds me that me that we our each more than individuals. My cousin here represents the role my family plays in making my life better.

Travail ce liberte... is saying we have in Haiti meaning simply "Work is Liberty". I took this picture because I respect this man for finding ways to support himself. I like the sort of work he is doing where he can use his hands to create, his own sort of art.


About threeartists

We are just three people trying to share our vision of the world.

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