Dream Team Member Profile: Guerson Exilhomme

Nom :Guerson Exilhomme

Locale : Destra

I am in my final year of college (equivalent to high school). After taking my exams I hope to go to school as an agronomist. Watching these waters from the mountains routinely destroy the crops planted in our neighborhood has driven me to find a way to control them and thus help my community.

I have always loved nature. Living alongside such beauty gives me hope even when life seems grim.

As part of the Dream Team I was in charge of organizing GOALS participants to clean up this area. We will soon be making it into a garden to provide sustainable food to the community,

With this plant were able to make beds and chairs etc. As a farmer I can help support the community in many ways

Some plants we plant mainly for beauty. Just like our children these plants require a lot of care and safe keeping before they can help make the world a better place.

After the plants sprout in our nursery we transplant them into the garden proper.

Here I am preparing the soil so that we can transplant our new plants.

Some of the coconuts we planted are starting to sprout.

Seeing the product of your hard work is truly rewarding. Our ability to grow plants gives me hope that with the proper nurturing and care we can grow our community itself into something more prosperous.



About threeartists

We are just three people trying to share our vision of the world.

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